Lamp Kit

Create your own DIY Lamp with this kit!

Written By: Marcus Schappi

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The Lamp Kit is a DIY kit that includes an LED PCB, bright white LEDs, resistors, a rocker switch, a USB cable, and two lengths of wire. With the kit, you can create your own USB light with a switch and use it to design your own lamp. You'll need a soldering iron, solder, and some creative ideas to make an enclosure for your light using woodworking, 3D design, or laser cutting. If you plan to run a class using the LED Lamp Kit, follow this guide!

Step 1 The Parts

In the kit, you should see this printed circuit board that is clearly labelled to show where the eight LEDs should be as well as the resistors. The labels on the end of the board "+" and "-" are for connecting the USB cable to the PCB. Finally, the labels "S" and "W" are to be connected to the rocker switch.

Step 2 Connect LEDs to PCB

As LEDs have polarity, make sure the anode which is the longer leg of the LED is connected to "+" Carefully spread the legs of the LEDs to secure them onto the PCB. Then heat each leg of the LED using a soldering iron for a few seconds and then apply solder to ensure that an even layer of solder covers each leg.

Step 3 Connect resistors to PCB

The resistors do not have polarity, so connect them however orientation as shown. Repeat the procedure of soldering it onto the PCB with both legs of the resistors.

Step 4 Attach USB cable to PCB

Start by stripping the insulation from the jumper wire's ends. This is to be connected to "+" and "-" on the PCB. The other end is to be remained connected to the USB socket.

Step 5 Connect the wires to rocker switch

Trim the jumper leads to your preferred length and remove approximately 1cm of insulation from the wire's end. Optionally, we recommend you cover the jumper wires with heat shrink. Firstly, apply solder to the stripped ends of the jumper leads and then attach them to the legs of the rocker switch Repeat the procedure of stripping the insulation from the two wires' other ends. This is to be connected to "S" and "W" on the PCB.

Step 6 Connect power and flick the switch

Connect the USB cable to a power source and flick the rocker switch. It should now be lighting up! Congratulations, you have now completed the whole process of soldering up the lamp kit. As a next step, you may wish to laser cut a design and 3D print an enclosure for it. :-)